“seasons are changing, and waves are crashing, and stars are falling—all for us.”

(credits to ‘The World According to Carl’)
(credits to my 2012 self for having the good mind to take this while on vacation in U.S.A.)

there’s something poetic about destruction. maybe it’s the sadist in me speaking but the thought of destruction is especially freshening, when coupled with the idea of renewal and regeneration after the chaos. I quite like it.
and change. I’ve accepted that change is inevitable and I have to embrace it to succeed. a beautiful metaphor for change would be the leaves changing in the fall- a representative of the fact that change does not always have to be negative or bad. and it promises something new, and not just in the physical environment. (with college starting in the fall and everything)

“Seasons are changing, and waves are crashing, and stars are falling— all for us. Days grow longer and nights grow shorter; I can show you I’ll be the one.”
— Your Guardian Angel, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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