Why Singapore Is Breaking Up And Singaporeans Are Still In Denial

well… this was written with a lot of heart.

The Heart Truths

Someone had posed a comment on how Singapore doesn’t want to risk what we have, and this was my reply:

I think, and some Singaporeans might agree, that the current system in Singapore is a result of the initial PAP politicians who knew clearly what needed to be done to position Singapore on the world map. Once they did it, it would be difficult to change the position that Singapore had solidified itself onto – because once you get there, two things would make it work is (1) keep maintaining it and (2) as long as other countries don’t “catch up”, Singapore is “safe”.

The question now though is – (1) is the current PAP politicians adept at maintaining the system? Some Singaporeans don’t think so – the public transport system is breaking down, hospitals becoming overcrowded and tents are supposedly built as part of a plan to expand the…

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