“each rejection brings us closer to acceptance.”

(image credits to Tips of Divorce)
there’s nothing of substance I can talk about these days, seeing as I’ve been down in the dumps, but here are some updates:

  1. I got rejected by the California Institute of Technology. but that’s okay, I was kind of expecting it— if I were MIT’s rival I wouldn’t exactly accept someone with two ‘U’ grades at the prelims either.
  2. I got accepted by the University of Miami. and they actually sent me priority mail to inform me so yay? I hope I’ll get a scholarship or something…
  3. I got rejected by UC Los Angeles. biggest blow I’ve received over the course of the week, especially since most of my scores were pretty high (above the 2013 Upper Quartile) and I really poured my heart and soul out into my essays.

so I’ve been looking for the positives of being accepted into U Miami, seeing as all hopes of getting accepted into the University of Southern California and UC Berkeley are pretty low right now. I’d like to believe that I’ve found some great (the definition is subjective) reasons to enrol in U Miami:

  2. U Miami has the second hottest sorority chapter in the nation. all my gay dreams will finally come true.
  3. sun and surf and hot Miami socialites… okay, perhaps not the most sophisticated reason, but I’m definitely not one to turn down a chance at networking!
  4. U Miami’s biochemistry program doesn’t seem too bad… right…? then again, I could always change my major to Music Performance in the next spring semester.
  5. if I do stick with a chemistry/biochemistry major, I’ll get enough credits for my freshman courses without actually taking them, giving me the option to either double major or graduate really early (this is kind of a big plus)

perhaps this is an utterly weak attempt of mine to rationalise my feelings towards rejection but I’m only human and I really need to sort things out right now. the sting of rejection still hurts but I’m trying to adopt a positive attitude towards it, seeing as there is a string of possible future rejections to arrive at my door. I mean, I’ve had dreams of attending UCLA/USC for a little over four years now, and this bout of rejection really hurts because it reminds me that not all dreams are real and I’ll eventually have to wake up, even though I would prefer living in my dream world forever.

one good thing, though, is that I’m not losing my grasp on reality. this bout of rejection brings me back down to earth and pulls my head down and out of the clouds. and the sooner I get over rejection, the sooner I can move on to acceptance…

…but for now, I awaiteth replies from USC, UC Berkeley and Ithaca College. here’s to the wait.

“Each rejection brings us closer to acceptance.”
― Ramesh Lohia

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Don’t underestimate the power of networking… Heh.

    1. clxrrr says:

      Tell me about it! I’ve seen what wonders local networking has done and I can only imagine how great it will be if I wasn’t restricted to just a local domain. 🙂

      1. Jeremy says:

        Personally, more of my experience with the wonders of it comes online. Just like what I’m doing right now. 😉 I’m pretty darn sure it’s the same thing in real life.

        It’s a smart thing to learn about it early in your life. You’ll be surprised that the most successful people do not necessarily have a degree, but they are instead excellent networkers. Make no mistake, networking isn’t about flinging your biz cards around. It’s about making genuine connections and being genuinely interested in people. It’s even about how you build on your existing relationships. Also, networking isn’t just about being successful in life, it can literally change the overall quality of your life. Which will in turn add value to the people around you.

        I’m guessing you’re not a snob, but I’m going to tell you anyway not to assume this is something you don’t need to learn, because it’s a “natural” thing. Many of these “natural” things are actually what really gets you ahead in life, and they are unfortunately not taught in schools. That’s why self-education is the only true education.

        Anyway, good luck man! I’m envious to be honest. Always wanted to study overseas. Not gonna lie either, I wanna meet caucasian people too. 😛

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