“all profound distraction opens certain doors. you have to allow yourself to be distracted when you are unable to concentrate.”

2(no, I do not have a unibrow)
so I’m currently sitting in a random function room in the Business School with a few other hall mates in a very trying attempt to finish reading the article we were given for our Introduction to Philosophy class…

…and I am failing terribly. I blame my extremely short attention span.

I have literally tried everything— sitting myself down in a comfortable seat, closing all irrelevant windows on my MacBook, finding a lone corner, and playing Baroque music (I am THAT desperate).

however, nothing seems to be working because:

  1. I am extremely fidgety and staying in one place for too long does me much more harm than good
  2. I end up opening those windows again (like how I am typing this post out now; I need some serious help)
  3. I am sitting with a friend who needs the power point as much as I do
  4. I actually enjoy Baroque music and I end up being distracted by that as well

since I’m on the topic of me being distracted, I feel the need to account for my appearance right now:

  1. I’m wearing my pullover because I’m absolutely freezing my butt off having showered right before heading off to this area
  2. my hair is disheveled because I didn’t get a chance to brush it after showering since I had to grab my stuff and go
  3. I took a shower because we just finished our inter-block games (bunch of sports events) and I felt really gross
  4. I’m just having a really crappy day eh?

and now it’s time to get back to my work because I actually want a decent grade for my Introduction to Philosophy module! I really should get around to posting about school this week (it will be my goal for the week!)…

…right after I complete all my readings for the modules I’m taking (which are all arts modules so they’re really heavy on the readings but I’ll save that for another post next time)

’til then,
1(kind of pretty much dying from knowing that I’m extremely distracted and have an assignment due tomorrow at 8pm)

“All profound distraction opens certain doors. You have to allow yourself to be distracted when you are unable to concentrate.”
— Around the Day in Eighty Worlds, Julio Cortázar

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