“life is waiting.”

so recently I got a chance to put some things into perspective.

right now, as I am typing this post:
someone has just passed away or committed suicide
someone’s family has just lost a loved one
someone has just been told that they have cancer
someone has just been fired from their job
someone has just filed for bankruptcy
someone has just been the target of a terrible crime
someone has just committed a crime

someone has also been given a new lease of life
someone has just gotten married
someone has just had a child
someone has just struck the lottery
someone has just proposed
someone has just had the time of their life

I guess that the point I’m trying to drive across is that no matter what I’m doing now or what I’m thinking of doing, it is independent of what someone else may be doing or thinking. good and bad things happen all the time; concurrently, even. it lets me know about the frailty of life and how my life won’t really affect someone else’s.

it also reminds me that I am responsible and answerable for my own actions and doings; that I am my own person and I make my own decisions to shape my own life. taking responsibility for my actions seems very daunting right now, but I guess that I have to come to this realisation sooner or later. I need to stop living in limbo and pining over something unreachable because I cannot afford to have my life come to a standstill. I need to move the hell on because time and tide waits for no man.

wake up, girl. you’re not some whiny and irresponsible pre-teen any more. you’re turning 19 this year and gotta toughen up. your life is yours and yours alone. start doing and stop moping! life is good and you aren’t being fair to yourself.

“Life is waitin’, gotta break out.
Time is wastin’– won’t you come and save me now?
I just wanna disappear– could be anywhere but here.
Life is waitin’ to take me away.”

— Life Is Waiting, Faber Drive

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