A giant leap of faith!

one of my dear friend’s works. I’m crying from the awesomeness. please share the love.


After 5 years, I decided to publicize my ideas to the world.

That is a very long period of procrastination, my friends. HAHA I am so glad that I have gained enough courage and step out of my shell. Partly it’s because I am very curious about how receptive the public is. But for the most of it, I just want to share the song with everyone. Hopefully some people find it catchy, while others find themselves being able to relate well with the song 🙂

Besides that, I have gone through 5 working days at IRAS! It has been mentally draining and taxing (HAHA get the pun) just learning the policies and how to operate the system. It will get better I’m sure but for now, I am still quite clueless about a lot of things 😦 It is quite scary come to think of it. We have to…

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