“nothing lasts; life goes on, full of surprises.”

with me having started work this week and trying to get used to having a regular life again, I’ve found a need to be really organised, and to reflect back on the week: happenings, learning points, whatever’s been going on.

I guess I could say that’s been a little bit of a tumultuous week, what with work and other commitments such as singing and driving and teaching, but I guess I’ve been trying to appreciate things

here’s the past seven days, summed up:

  • attended first rehearsal with the ACJC Alumni Choir
  • started work
  • got asked to consider taking the trinity guildhall graded exams for singing
  • made considerable progress in driving and managed to make it out into the public roads
  • passed my final theory of driving test (and that makes no more theory tests)
  • started thinking about achieving more in my holidays such as getting the powered pleasure craft driving license (essentially a yacht license here)

I’m really thankful that I managed to get a job, and one with such great bosses and superiors to answer to. I’m happy that things are going smoothly and I don’t spend too much time at home; I’m glad to live a life. I’m really tired. I need my sleep. I’m cranky. I’m not sure if it’s the life I want to live, but it’s better than nothing. I just need that little bit of excitement back in my life…

“Life may be scary, but it’s only temporary.”
— For Now, Avenue Q

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