–50: “one of the advantages of being disorganized is that one is always having surprising discoveries.”

(shot along Mariam Way on thursday evening)

(as I’m typing this I’m cringing/grimacing at the television while watching the season finale of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on FOX because it’s SO PAINFUL TO WATCH and I’m crying internally)
so, I’m left with fifty days before school actually starts; the next chapter of my short-lived life.

my day-to-day goings thus far have been nothing short of random, with me waking up each day not knowing if and when I’ll actually go to work. I do enjoy not having a fixed itinerary much since it allows for my most spontaneous of ideas (like wanting to bake or cook) and the only plans I’ve had this week were to attend a birthday party yesterday…

the birthday party was a good way of meeting different people and not becoming the social recluse I expected myself to become in the holidays. I managed to catch up with some friends from junior college, made some new friends, watch people have a go at band hero & just dance for HOURS without stopping, watch how different people react differently after excessive alcohol consumption, and discovered that I haven’t really exercised my full tolerance for alcohol yet. 😛

it was nice talking to people outside of work for once, watching people get extremely sloshed (one guy went around asking people “can I poke your eye?” while slowly moving his finger towards their faces, and somehow through the night he swapped using his finger with using a hotdog instead), talking about our lives and what the future has in store for us, watching people totally get their dance on…

two chaps screaming “I CAN SEE ME LOVING NOBODY BUT YOU FOR ALL MY LIFE!” at the top of their lungs while on the elliptical
picture with the birthday boy! pardon my slightly-stoned-after-one-too-many-beers-but-I’m-not-drunk face hee
so this is what being on the last bus feels like…


so during one of the conversations I had with a fellow J3 the subject of university came up and we kind of really just talked about the plans we had and what we were going to spend our time doing and after we got past the whole “where are you studying? NUS? me too!” thing we broached the topic of the university’s residence halls and our applications. and it went a little bit like this:

“so did you apply for hall?”
“yeah I did; you?”
“me too! I got Eusoff Hall! how about you?”
“huh the offers are out already? well I’m not too sure but I’m not too optimistic about it since two of the halls I applied for are really popular…”
“you can check it now!”

and so I did.
yeah I know this says I’ve already accepted my place but I was too worried that someone else would snap it up before I did so I immediately accepted the offer after reaching home…

I got offered a room at Kent Ridge Hall! 🙂

this was a completely unexpected (albeit pleasant) surprise, seeing as Kent Ridge Hall is literally the most popular residence hall and almost everyone I’d asked said that they were applying for it. given that all I had going for me was my involvement in photographic society and choir (and I wasn’t even that active after entering junior college), I was completely certain that I wouldn’t be ‘cultured’ enough for the hall and wouldn’t be able to contribute as much as some really awesome performer (like a dancer or dramatist or something) or a really talented sportsperson (because, face it, who doesn’t love sportspeople?).

in fact, I was mentally preparing myself for outright rejection from any of the halls I applied to and was getting ready to appeal to Sheares Hall in utter desperation. but I guess all that worrying and mental preparation was for nothing eh? 😀

with my accommodation and university acceptance settled, I’m really excited for school to start— I’m already having ideas about how I’m going to decorate my room (this is so thrilling) and wondering how I’m going to survive late nights of studying or supper. but I’ll deal with all these ‘concerns’ of mine in due course. because I have to actually matriculate first (30th June needs to come quickly)

for now, it’s back to fangirling weeping over Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:
*weeps many fangirly tears*

“One of the advantages of being disorganized is that one is always having surprising discoveries.”
― Alan A. Milne

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  1. You have just described my disorganization in a way that sounds positive! The craziest thing about my disorganization is that I’m a Speech Pathologist and we often teach others about organization; how to organize their thoughts, their lives. I’m really good at doing this.However, I’m not very good at organizing myself.

    1. clxrrr says:

      Is anyone, really? 🙂

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