–40: “there is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.”

it’s been the craziest nine days yet.

it started with welcoming our dedicated army boys from their nearly-month-long trip last monday night/tuesday morning (and giving one of them a welcome back/happy birthday greeting) and it involved us camping out at the airport. at 2230 hours. waiting for a flight that was scheduled to land at 0110, but ultimately had the bulk of the guys coming out nearing 0200. and us, being the crazy people that we are (even after seven years) decided to at least attempt to give these guys a welcome they wouldn’t forget any time soon since we were absolutely DYING of boredom at Starbucks.

it was around 0045 when we had our brilliant idea to be the welcoming committee the guys never expected, and it involved lots of running between floors (imagine four teenagers on a sugar rush running about the terminal— I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen that many pissed off travellers in my life) in desperate attempts to gather some large paper and crayons (yes, we stole a crayon, oops)

the great idea? holding up some makeshift placards like hired drivers do at the airport while waiting for their (usually) important guest to arrive:
what geniuses we arereally though what kind of friends camp out at the airport past midnight waiting for friends arriving from overseas? certainly not normal friendswe had to rack our brains thinking of where our friends lived (image edited for my friend’s privacy’s sake)yeah, I got really bored of waiting and doing nothing…

we were rushing with this mini-project of ours thinking that our friends were due to emerge from the gate at any moment… little did we know that we were completely off and had to wait for nearly half an hour (and it felt like forever)… until they really came out! and it was really worth it seeing their reactions (from disbelief to incredulity to something that resembled gratitude 😉 )
they’ve FINALLY come out!

after the great hurrah and ohmygodicantbelieveyouguysactuallycame youdidnthavetoreallyitssoniceofyou we finally went home (and it was so nice that we could hitch a ride and I was really grateful and I had to face an irate mother at 0300 which was totally not cool)

the next day we brought Zheng Wei out for dinner at the Alley Bar! nothing much I can say except they had really questionable service staff (or maybe it was just one guy who perhaps didn’t really like us) and nice piña coladas and really interesting interior décorobviously edited but after our experience there my editing practically made this place look like some sort of heaven

thankfully this wasn’t the end of our week of interesting events— we had a surprise party to attend on Saturday… 😉

we had a surprise party for Vione on Saturday because our dear girl is leaving for the land Down Under soon for further education. 😦 the party was one and a half weeks in planning and it was really heartening to see the efforts put into party planning bear fruit 🙂

in the party we had games (yay) and I’m glad to be a part of the most gung-ho group that was daring to tackle every task handed to us (except the one where a girl had to unbuckle her bra for the entire game LOL)
it was really a great 2G’09 mini-reunion of sorts (with some questionable characters *coughs*) and a chance to really catch up with friends and plan even more events (heh) and I’m so glad we had this chance to meet up 🙂can you spot the ‘questionable element’? heehee (I’m kidding)but first let us take a selfie (check out my blonde hair IT IS FUCKIN AWESOME)you think you really know someone and then a selfie stick comes alongsome of my fave girls for the seventh year (and counting) 😉

I’m really glad for the week spent with some of the greatest friends I can imagine— it’s been seven years since we met for the first time and who knew that we would still stick by each other today? I certainly didn’t expect the ties we forged to be this strong or run this deep but I truly cannot imagine my life without them. 2G’09 is most certainly a very integral part of my life and I hope it stays that way for the years to come. it might’ve been an exhausting week but I’m certainly glad for the company and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

but for now, I’ve to get through the more mundane aspects of life— in other words, I HAVE ANOTHER THREE DAYS OF WORK TO GET THROUGH! wish me luck 🙂

“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.”
— Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen

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