depression is a funny thing really.

you never really know that it’s there. it’s this sensation that barely creeps up on you; it ghosts upon your skin, your thoughts, your consciousness…

it’s the shadow of the 3 o’ clock sun that follows you everywhere; mimics your every action as you grin and laugh at those with you.

it’s the setting of the sun, reminding you that, yes, all good things do end.

it’s the feeling of doubt and unaccomplished dreams, letting you know that the world isn’t really your oyster and that the sky isn’t the limit (after all, we’re only human).

it’s the happy faces of your friends nearly 9 thousand miles away, knowing that they are all too happy at escaping the system.

it’s the thing that keeps you awake at 3 in the morning and you just can’t figure out why.

it manifests itself as your goals, reminding you that there is the all too possible reality of failing.

it comes in the form of happiness in those around you, mocking you with it’s unreachability— others can get it; you can barely grasp it.

and when you finally get it, it may be too late to save yourself.

depression is a funny thing— it starts off slow and all but creeps up on you, but once you feel the full weight of depression, everything changes. and never for the better.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    It’s all perspective and how we see life, Heh.

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