a little bit of inspiration


someone’s dining room, some time between midnight and dawn. the room has a leftist, affluent feel. opens to an area lit dimly by a single bulb. Clarissa is sat at the dining table, typing away. a pen drops. Clarissa pauses; the pen has dropped too far below; noises associated with stretching after long periods of inactivity can be heard. the pen is retrieved. Clarissa pauses, taking in the sight before her: to the left of the table a plethora of different snacks; to the right, a bottle of ABSOLUT BERRI AÇAÍ. more stretching noises. Clarissa pans the entire room before focusing on the screen before her. a bout of inspiration strikes. Clarissa sits ramrod straight and types furiously away at the keyboard. the moment has passed, and she returns to her original position of slouching over the notebook. she sips her mug of tea before resuming her futile attempts of studying. the word ‘duality’ stares back at her, mocking her with its stillness and blandness. frustration ensues.

and now that that’s over, it’s back to studying for midterms on Monday. I’m still utter shit at writing and feel like I’ve absolutely no incentive whatsoever to get better at it. in fact, I’ve no incentive to get better at life. /hits head against dining table in exasperation/

anyway, no prizes for guessing where I derived my inspiration from to write the above set of ‘stage directions’.

I can do this. I can do this. I have a short term goal and a five-year plan. I can do this. *repeatedly chants to self*

//in an unrelated side note, I absolutely abhor two of my classes:

and will tell you upfront to just jump off a building (or maybe just choose two other classes) if you’re just looking for classes to clear your faculty/graduation requirements. I’m serious about this.


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