just a quick one


it’s rather unfortunate that I haven’t been able to update this space in a while, especially since I had so much more on my mind/chest/what-have-you this academic semester and needed to let it all out. I feel like I should re-title my page “clar has met facets of the real world and hates it a lot”. hah.

so, what’s been happening?
in a nutshell:

  • Montage 2015 planning
  • normal NUSPS stuff
  • fractured my collarbone after a completely avoidable accident with my hall neighbour’s scooter (but it’s mostly healed now, yay)
  • desperately trying to keep my CAP afloat
  • trying to survive in school
  • making lots of new friends, finding serious friends in Theatre Studies that are actually worth keeping
  • projects, projects, projects!
  • preparing for summer (I’ll be spending two months in New York City)
  • preparing to move out of KRH

so far, I feel as if the only thing I managed to accomplish from my New Year’s Resolutions is planning my trip to the U.S.A. and it really speaks volumes of how my priorities have been like this semester (haha) so I’m just going to pin it all on freshman struggles a.k.a. how the hell do people do this university shit I can’t even write my name right.

I can’t promise that I’ll begin to blog frequently again after finals, seeing as I’m so exhausted from school and really just want to take a break from everything.

I thought I loved writing (especially for the web), and then NM2220 Introduction to Media Writing happened. now I’m just taking things one day at a time and hoping to slowly rediscover my passions. if I managed to learn anything from this class, it’s that the only thing I can write that’s of a decent standard is a press release; can’t write social media posts or news articles for nuts. a little demoralising but hey I never really considered public relations as a career option and now I can.

who knows? maybe I’ll try something new like vlogging in the summer since I’m gonna have a pretty interesting one (then again, knowing myself and my face, it might not actually happen)

for now, it’s all about the finals prep (with my first paper beginning next monday!)

wish me luck!

’til then (or 7th May, whichever comes sooner),

header image credits to Frontpage Mag
post image credits to… no one but myself 🙂

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