new schtuff

it’s Sunday and I’ve completed two final exams so far. can’t say I’m happy, given that I have another three final exams to do, but I’m not that sad either given that I’m actually halfway through. although I must say I quite enjoyed the previous two finals because I’m starting to feel the NM love/vibe more and more.

anyway, I got a new camera (Canon 6D) last Sunday! Canon was giving away a $200 cash back for this particular model and it was ending soon (today!) so what the hell right? 😛
(just in time for New York! and San Diego!)

also got a battery grip and extra battery because they were going at a bundled price; the grip cost $269 and battery cost $128 separately but they were bundled at $259 (oh my god)

so far I must say I’m quite happy with whatever I’ve taken so far, since it’s a really huge difference over what I took on my 550D. my long exposures are smoother, the colours are more natural, it has way better low-light performance and… FULL. FRAME. *heart eyes*

anyway, here are some shots from my 6D, edited only for exposure (for some reason it was a lot brighter on my 6D’s LCD… maybe I should tweak the screen’s brightness)

taken with a 6D and a canon 50mm f/1.8:
I really liked this one! the colors were very naturalgonna miss walking down this corridor after leaving KRHtaken on the way home after the NM2101 finaltaken around the same area as the first picture

here’s to the remaining three papers! hope I stay alive.

oh, and if anyone knows where I can get a Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 lens for $800 or so, please do tell me because damn that is one pretty piece of glass. I’d really appreciate it 😀


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