mid-flight rambling

so, I’m typing this on the plane from Changi to Frankfurt in my phone (0500 hours) and by the time this post gets published, I would’ve been approximate three hours into my connecting flight from Frankfurt to New York. I’m counting on there being wifi at the airport in Frankfurt to post this up so…

safety first

kids, always remember to practice safe scooting habits and do not scoot down a steep hill WITHOUT BRAKING. that is all.

–65: “wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.”

here’s a quick shot I snapped on my way to Yishun earlier on after alumni choir rehearsal. so, An Evening With Friends 2014 (ACJC College and Alumni Choir’s annual concert) begins tomorrow and I have been nothing short of excited for the whole five months in which I’ve been rehearsing with the alumni choir.

“I love my love.”

(image credits to Tiny Buddha) just when I thought I’d lost my love for choral music and choral works, this lovely piece came along into my life, and refuses to leave. it’s stuck in my head and I can’t wait to sing it in June with the alumni. give it a listen. it’s so tragically…