“nothing lasts; life goes on, full of surprises.”

with me having started work this week and trying to get used to having a regular life again, I’ve found a need to be really organised, and to reflect back on the week: happenings, learning points, whatever’s been going on. I guess I could say that’s been a little bit of a tumultuous week, what…

les limbes de ‘la vie d’étudiant’

wow. two posts in two days. I must be on some kind of roll here. (credits to jasminela on DeviantArt) it’s time for me to face the facts: life as an unemployed person simply sucks.

day 1

so… I just got through day one of the low carb diet.

clothes do not ‘make the man’… or do they?

a (somewhat) hilarious video of some guy trying to pick up girls in three different uniforms– the Hwa Chong JC uniform, Anglo-Chinese JC uniform and Raffles JC uniform. whilst humorous, there truly isn’t any other point to this video other than to show us… nothing! because clothes do not make the man 🙂